The MOMO Daytona composite ergonomic seat is Hans© compatible. Side head bolsters suuport and protect the driver’s head while reducing lateral movements. Revolutionary Airnet® technical material covers the seat’s back for quicker drying. For added safety, the Daytona’s fabric is fire retardent. Kinder Point on the seating area keeps the driver firmly seated. Removable double leg cushions enhance support.

External width for side mounts: 390 mm (standard version).
Anti-Sub Seat Belt Opening.
Side mount.
Weight: Standard 9.4 kgs/20.7 lbs | XL 10 kgs/22 lbs | XXL 11,5 kgs/ 25.3 lbs
FIA approved 8855-1999.


Shell measurements and width

DAYTONA XL60060048091042541548038546529022037041010
DAYTONA XXL55060550592045043548538547529520537043011.5