North Pole W2


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The MOMO NORTH POLE W2 outshines the competition in the winter performance segment. The tread pattern is designed to help maintain road contact in winter conditions, while circumferential grooves assist in evacuating water away from the tread for enhanced wet traction. Zigzag siping integrated into the shoulder blocks help improve overall traction, stability, and handling in inclement weather. Angled tread grooves add snow grip by assisting with snow packing. All sizes carry the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake (3PMS*) symbol and are rated for severe snow conditions. Command the winter roads with the uncompromised winter performance of the NORTH POLE W2.

*This tire is designed for severe snow conditions and meets the USTMA (U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association) snow traction performance requirements.

Product Description

Performance Ratings*


Fuel Efficiency

Wet Traction

Noise Level

* Performance Ratings are based on a scale of 1 to 6 with 6 being best. Ratings are compared between other North American MOMO tires within the same segment only. MOMO Tires reserves the right to change tire construction, design, tread compound, and specifications without notice or obligation.

Tire Features

WINTER-TUNED TREAD PATTERN Tread pattern designed to help maintain road contact in severe snow conditions.

HANDLING AND STABILITY Siped shoulder blocks enhance stability and improve handling in inclement weather conditions.

IMPROVED HYDROPLANE RESISTANCE Circumferential grooves channel water away from the contact patch for enhanced wet traction.

INCREASED BITING EDGES Zigzag siping increases the amount of biting edges, improving traction and handling in inclement weather.

ENHANCED SNOW TRACTION Angled tread grooves assist with snow packing for improved snow grip.

Product images shown are for illustrative purposes only. Technical features, tread pattern, design, and tire construction subject to change without notice and can vary by size and application.

Product CodeTire SizeService IndexLoad RatingTread DepthUTQG
Tire Width

185 — 255

Tire Ratio

35 — 65

Tire Wheel Diameter

15″ — 19″

Tire Speed Index

H, V