Outrun M1

  • CARCar Tire
  • SUMMERSummer Tire
  • Wet GripWet Grip

The M1 was designed for comfortable driving in small and midsize cars. The asymmetric design and optimized structure minimizes rolling resistance while maintaining high safety and performance levels even in wet conditions.

  • Good breaking performance and low road noise; perfect for city driving.
  • Excellent handling for city driving.
  • Offering a safe and pleasant driving experience.
Product CodeTire SizeService IndexLoad RatingTread DepthUTQG
46417155/65R1373TSL10/32360 A A
46415155/70R1375TSL10/32360 A B
46414155/80R1379TSL10/32360 A B
23366165/70R1379TSL10/32360 A B
23367165/70R1383TXL10/32360 A B
46416175/70R1382TSL10/32360 A B
Tire Width

145 — 175

Tire Ratio

55 — 80

Tire Wheel Diameter

13″ — 15″

Tire Speed Index

H, T