Outrun M3

  • CARCar Tire
  • SUMMERSummer Tire
  • Wet GripWet Grip
  • Low Rolling NoiseLow Rolling Noise

Asymmetric tire design engineered for high performance with excellent driving comfort; the Outrun M3 features reinforced construction on the outside tread pattern to optimize performance and increase grip in extreme driving conditions.

  • The Outrun M3 was designed with comfort and performance in mind.
  • The asymmetric pattern ensures incredible handling even in the most extreme situations.
  • Broader shoulder block to improve stability.
Product CodeTire SizeService IndexLoad RatingTread DepthUTQG
24207195/45R1684VXL10/32280 A A
23442195/45R1684WXL10/32280 A A
29280195/50R1688HXL10/32280 A A
51117195/50R1688VXL10/32500 A A
29281195/50R1688VXL10/32280 A A
24203195/55R1687HSL10/32280 A A
51114195/55R1687VSL10/32500 A A
23428195/55R1687VSL10/32280 A A
23429195/55R1691VXL10/32280 A A
23443205/45ZR1687WXL10/32280 A A
24206205/50R1691VXL10/32280 A A
23440205/50R1691WXL10/32280 A A
51112205/55R1691HSL10/32500 A A
51115205/55R1691TXL10/32500 A A
23431205/55R1691VSL10/32280 A A
23432205/55R1694WXL10/32280 A A
51116215/55R1697HXL10/32500 A A
24204215/55R1697VXL10/32280 A A
23434215/55R1697WXL10/32280 A A
23435215/55R1697YXL10/32280 A A
24205225/55R1699VXL10/32280 A A
23437225/55R1699WXL10/32280 A A
23438225/55R1699YXL10/32280 A A
Tire Width

195 — 215

Tire Ratio

35 — 55

Tire Wheel Diameter

16″ — 19″

Tire Speed Index

H, V, W, Y