Outrun M3


  • CARCar Tire
  • Low Rolling NoiseLow Rolling Noise
  • SUMMERSummer Tire
  • Wet GripWet Grip

The MOMO OUTRUN M3 is designed specifically for drivers with spirited performance in mind. The asymmetric tread design is engineered for both performance and comfort, featuring a reinforced sidewall for enhanced 
high-speed stability and broad shoulder blocks for improved handling. Vertical siping patterns further assist in lateral traction while circumferential grooves aid in enhancing hydroplane resistance. An advanced all-season rubber polymer allows the tire to remain flexible in a wide temperature range for enhanced performance during inclement weather. Available in 16 to 19 inch sizes, T, H, V, W, and Y speed ratings, and backed by a 45,000 mile limited warranty, the OUTRUN M3 meets the performance needs of the confident driver.

Product Description

Performance Ratings*


Fuel Efficiency

Wet Traction

Noise Level

* Performance Ratings are based on a scale of 1 to 6 with 6 being best. Ratings are compared between other North American MOMO tires within the same segment only. MOMO Tires reserves the right to change tire construction, design, tread compound, and specifications without notice or obligation.

Tire Features

SPORT-TUNED TREAD PATTERN Asymmetric tread design for exceptional handling and grip for on-road feel and improved rolling resistance.

CORNERING TRACTION Wide shoulder blocks improve stability and handling response especially during high-speed cornering.

IMPROVED HYDROPLANE RESISTANCE Circumferential grooves channel water away from the contact patch for enhanced wet traction.

HANDLING AND STABILITY Reinforced sidewall helps retain tire profile, enhancing high-speed handling and stability.

TEMPO METEREOLOGICO FLEX Enhanced silica-enriched rubber polymer formulated to remain flexible in colder temperatures and dry, higher heat conditions for confident year-round driving.

Product images shown are for illustrative purposes only. Technical features, tread pattern, design, and tire construction subject to change without notice and can vary by size and application.

Product CodeTire SizeService IndexLoad RatingTread DepthUTQG
24207195/45R1684VXL10/32280 A A
23442195/45R1684WXL10/32280 A A
29280195/50R1688HXL10/32280 A A
51117195/50R1688VXL10/32500 A A
29281195/50R1688VXL10/32280 A A
24203195/55R1687HSL10/32280 A A
51114195/55R1687VSL10/32500 A A
23428195/55R1687VSL10/32280 A A
23429195/55R1691VXL10/32280 A A
23443205/45ZR1687WXL10/32280 A A
24206205/50R1691VXL10/32280 A A
23440205/50R1691WXL10/32280 A A
51112205/55R1691HSL10/32500 A A
51115205/55R1691TXL10/32500 A A
23431205/55R1691VSL10/32280 A A
23432205/55R1694WXL10/32280 A A
51116215/55R1697HXL10/32500 A A
24204215/55R1697VXL10/32280 A A
23434215/55R1697WXL10/32280 A A
23435215/55R1697YXL10/32280 A A
24205225/55R1699VXL10/32280 A A
23437225/55R1699WXL10/32280 A A
23438225/55R1699YXL10/32280 A A
Tire Width

195 — 215

Tire Ratio

35 — 55

Tire Wheel Diameter

16″ — 19″

Tire Speed Index

H, V, W, Y