Toprun M30 Europa

  • CARCar Tire
  • SUVSUV Tire
  • SUMMERSummer Tire
  • RUN FLATRUN FLAT Technology
  • OFFROADOffroad
  • High SpeedsHigh Speeds

The Top Run M30 Europa features an advanced asymmetric pattern to minimize road noise, increase cornering grip, and maximize handling performance on dry roads.

  • Asymmetric pattern minimizes road noise and offers great handling on dry roads.
  • Pattern profile optimized to improve tire stability.
  • Variable tire grooves reduce road noise by minimizing air circulation.
  • Tire available in both standard and Run Flat, which is suitable for every type of car.
Product CodeTire SizeService IndexLoad RatingTread DepthUTQG
32756195/50R1582VSL10/32360 A A
32754195/55R1585HSL10/32360 A A
32755195/55R1585VSL10/32360 A A
Tire Width

195 — 235

Tire Ratio

40 — 60

Tire Wheel Diameter

15″ — 18″

Tire Speed Index

H, V, W, Y