Toprun M30

  • CARCar Tire
  • SUVSUV Tire
  • SUMMERSummer Tire
  • RUN FLATRUN FLAT Technology
  • OFFROADOffroad
  • High SpeedsHigh Speeds

The four wide longitudinal grooves improve safety and car control, reducing the risk of hydroplaning in wet conditions. Maximum performance in sport driving, excellent braking response and great traction at high speeds: this is Toprun M30.

  • Tire available in both standard and Run Flat, which is suitable for every type of car.
  • Stiff sidewall ensures peak performance even on wet roads.
Product CodeTire SizeService IndexLoad RatingTread DepthUTQG
30282195/55R1687VSL10/32500 A A
30273195/55R1691VXL Runflat10/32500 A A
30283195/55R1691VXL10/32500 A A
30274205/55R1691WSL Runflat10/32500 A A
30284205/55R1694VXL10/32500 A A
Tire Width

195 — 315

Tire Ratio

35 — 55

Tire Wheel Diameter

16″ — 20″

Tire Speed Index

V, W, Y